New Years Eve

We had a lovely New Years Eve just us. We started the day with a walk down by the river and let Bella run off leash. First thing she did was scare me by balancing on a tree that had fallen over the river and she was about to walk further out. I called her and she turned and came! There is quite a current and steep edges. Little daredevil! We walked on though and she had so much fun exploring further up the river.


For the celebrations we make crab hotpot, have caviar on toast, champagne and we dress up and put on good music. Bella did well will the fireworks this year as well. There was quite a lot of it here and the neighbors had a real show for us, though they started out sending it horizontally into the fields. We turned off all lights in the house so we could sit by the window and watch. We are quite high up and we could see fireworks far off in all directions. Bella got a pig’s tail to chew on and was busy with that and didn’t seem to notice anything. On our walk someone fired off some fireworks and she just made a not of it and walked on. Even though she is 4 now and has experienced it 4 times without issues I never take it for granted and we always make sure that she feels safe and that tasty chews rain from the sky when the fireworks start. We also have our usual photo shoots. We don’t take it very seriously, but we like taking our family portrait on new years and one of Bella alone. She loves the photo shoot as it becomes a fun training session. And she is very disappointed when I have the shots I need! We were very aware that Kaktus was missing in the pictures. It’s still hard and painful and we miss him dearly! But we had a lovely evening and Bella was very happy to get yummy chew again. The fat little lady is put on a diet but on new years eve we don’t worry about that.


Today we had a lovely 6.6km walk in the woods with sunny weather, no wind and not too cold. Bella got to run free most of the walk and she finally got to take the path up to Ulvåsen (Wolfhill) for the first time. It was so nice up there! She is really good off leash, she gets exited about smells and tracks but she always stops to check that we follow her. She is also rewarded for it very often and when the path splits she is extra alert to see wich way we choose. Today she had chosen the “wrong” path already and we just headed off on the other path, without saying anything to her. But she was paying close attention to us and turned like a little rocket and ran past us in a flash to lead the way again 🙂 On our way out of the woods we met some people with a Shetland Sheepdog that was off leash. They both greeted each other shortly and we just walked on. Then we saw 2 deer ahead of us that ran off. Bella was amazingly calm and we went after them following their tracks for a bit. But Bella easily dropped the scent when we walked away from it.

We also met the cat at the stables again. It was a lot more confident this time and even went up and stroked Bella. It’s still very unsure of her but the difference is remarkable. I try as good as I can to keep Bella away from him when he says he is uncomfortable and she gets rewards for walking away. She also was a lot more calm this time wich of course helps. So for the first time they have actually greeted each other. A few more meets and they will maybe become more relaxed and at ease. I think Bella was really happy to finally have had the chance to sniff him. She has been so curious to inspect him properly.


So hello 2017! It was good to see you!

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