We celebrated christmas at my moms, together with my sister and my brother and their families. All together we were 7 grown ups, 3 children and Bella. We brought lots of chews for Bella, her pen – so she has a secluded place to relax and her blankets that are so important to her. We had Sileo gel from when Kaktus was stressing and we gave her a small dosage just before we left for christmas dinner and I am glad we did. She settled in smoothly, just lay in her bed chewing while we had dinner and she got some treats thrown to her just to reward being relaxed in her pen. She had to be on leash though because my niece is afraid of dogs. For Bella it’s not a problem and when the kids go to bed she can finally go free and check all their presents. But she quickly found her place in her chair and just fell asleep while we talked and ate cakes.


She has been so relaxed and cool about everything. And my family is really good at respecting her space and not crowding her in any way. Bella seeks them out for a good sniff and a few back rubs and my mom gives her special treats from the kitchen. It’s small pieces of sausage that she only gets from my mom and that makes them all the more special. In the morning after breakfast she clearly told us she needed a break and wanted to go out, so we went home to let her relax a little before taking her for a walk with some of my family. Then we went back to our place so she could relax before we went back for dinner. She was the same, relaxed and cool and busy with her chews or just relaxing in her bed. We played some board games after dinner and while we screamed and laughed Bella just slept. She has her normal energy and shows no signs of Christmas and all the people being overwhelming. When we went back 2nd day of christmas it was only us and my mom for dinner and she seemed to wonder where all the fun people had gone and when my sister and her family finally came she was in no hurry to leave.

The kids have been great with her. They just giggle and let Bella sniff them and they let her come to them. My sister is really good at making sure they don’t crowd her. They are free to run around and be kids, they are free to walk away from her and she can have space from them if she needs it. It seems it’s been a really good experience for her. She has unwrapped presents, got even fatter then she already was, has had interactions that she has enjoyed and asked for and she has got her space to relax. And of course there has been many exiting smells and things to investigate. And she has us by her side making sure she is comfortable. Even though its christmas I always have her in the corner of my eye. But she has become much more independent and much of the time she just manages things on her own.


For the first time we had room for a real christmas tree and even though we didn’t have much to put on it and forgot all about the decorations it looks nice, has lights and a few ornaments and a very strange “star” on top. Bella didn’t even seem to register that there suddenly was a tree inside. I guess with all the work we are doing on the house she has gotten so used to things changing. We finally have the room above the stairs mostly done. It had two big built in closets and the room was more a waste of space. But now that we tore down the closets, put in new floors and a painted we suddenly have a cozy little reading room 🙂 Bella likes it up here. She also helped remove the old floors. She tore away some pieces and then supervised until she got bored and went to sleep. Next up is the guestroom.


New years eve we always spend at home. We have no idea how much fireworks there will be here but she has never had a problem with it before so we will just do as we always do. We give her chews when it starts just as a precaution and we just relax and celebrate together as a tiny family.


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