Dogs, cramps, crazy geese…

This weekend we found a cool place. Bella took us to a place in the woods we didn’t know of. It’s obviously quite new and is called “søndagsskoleplassen” wich translates to “The sunday school place”. It’s really nicely made with a small playground for kids, a pavilion with a fire pit that we can’t wait to try once the weather allows it and then it’s just a park area in the woods. Very nice and I expect we will go there in the summer to eat, drink and relax. Bella just ran around as usual inspecting every inch of the place 🙂


Obviously someone bathes here when it’s not frozen solidw_dsc9660

On sunday my mom came along for a walk. Still it is Bella who chooses where to walk. She makes some really good choices and we got a 5km walk in the woods, gravel roads and a lost forest. The prices on wood have risen so there is a lot of woods being chopped and walking though it the smell of wood is so intense. Bella ran lose a lot and it was quite cold so in the woods she suddenly started screaming and it was easy to see that her thigh was cramping. This happens sometimes if she is cold and starts running fast too quickly. I was sure her muscles were nice and warm, but probably they were tired as well from too much running earlier in the walk. We picked her up and massaged her legs. Very soon she wanted to run more, though enough is enough. She had some problems with this last year also. Then we mostly saw it when we came in from a walk. She had trouble with her back legs and was whining. A massage fixed it pretty quickly. We have ordered a new coat for her and a suit she can have under it so hopefully that helps her stay warmer. She loves being outside in this weather so I don’t want to cut back on walks. Here are some pictures from our lovely sunday walk

w_dsc9754w_dsc9763When we passed these horses the owners were calling them trying to get them to follow up a hill, but they were too curious about us. Failed horse recall. w_dsc9780This light and atmosphere is what I look so forward to. Most of the day is dark, but when there is light it’s just magical. w_dsc9782w_dsc9791My mom found a whole in a log. It’s not just Bella that is curious on walks. w_dsc9796w_dsc9800Every time we pass here the woodpecker is pecking away.w_dsc9811w_dsc9826w_dsc9828The lost forestw_dsc9860Back at the farm, our house is to the left. Bella thought right was more right. Why go inside when there is still sunlight left?w_dsc9861

Yesterday we had a shorter walk. I didn’t want to risk putting too much strain on her legs so we just trotted calmly at the most. We met Alfons an 8-year-old Drever. We met him earlier and Bella was cautious but curious with him. He is a very happy chapp and a good dog for her to meet, so we walked a bit together the first time and yesterday we did the same. Bella is more interested in Alfons’s owner though, she gives Bella treats and Bella quickly learned to beg for more! She just came up to her side and healed with perfect eye contact and every time she of course got a treat 🙂 Fun thing is it’s treats she really doesn’t like all that much. I think she liked the interaction more.

Today Bella went to the stables. For some strange reason she always poops when she is there. She might look for places to poop before we get there but obviously the best place to poop is right next to a horse or somewhere on the stable grounds. This is very unlike her. When we moved the first time it was too scary to poop anywhere and mostly she would need a good place to hide and feel secure. Now she is annoyingly unshy. It’s of course good that she feels so comfortable, but then I have to pick up 😀 We found training grounds for the horses where they have natural jumps (eventing), huge logs, barrels and other fun stuff. Perfect for us to do some Parkour. Bella was so exited to train and was like a little cannonball. So fun to balance and jump on huge logs. Then we had a run in the woods, did some recalls that were spot on. She does really good with her recalls and I haven’t been focusing so much on it. I wanted to give her space to explore and not interfere too much, but gradually I am incorporating more and more training. I see that her motivation and our connection is strengthening so it feels right. We passed a farm on our way back to the stables and they have a dog barking from his dog pen wich Bella doesn’t care much about, but then they have geese!! The geese were very close to the road and when they saw us they came charging with wings out, head held low and forward and yapping like crazy! I was just about to just pick Bella up when they stopped and pretended we weren’t there…phhhew. We took a few steps away and Bella poor thing dropped her tail. It’s scary having birds that are bigger then you come charging. She got some treats and we walked away to stop and see them from a distance. She regained her calm mostly though she had to have a couple of glances back to check if they were following. Then she was back to normal. When we came home she was in no hurry to go inside 🙂


All the walks from Friday to today. I like seeing where we have walked and also to see how much variation she chooses. It’s rare that we walk the same places 2 days in a row.


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