Sun – Frost -red noses

This week we have been really lucky with the weather. It’s been sun every day and finally frost. When it just dips below zero the ground hardens and it’s not as wet. Bella is so busy with so many things to do! She has met 2 dogs, checked out new areas and often she is reluctant to go back home. I think that is brilliant! When we still had Kaktus she almost always wanted to go home. She was too tired all the time and just wanted back on the sofa. It’s so nice to see how much energy she has these days. She still has her fascination with the stables and we go there quite often. She is a lot more comfortable there and just checks out everything in her reach. Even in the dark she has become very confident there. Everything is more scary in the dark. It’s like she is running around saying “WOW, check this out!” all the time! We even met a girl there that has a Basenji herself. We were standing outside the gate to the indoor arena and suddenly the gate opened and they were met with Bella’s curious head looking at them. The girl blurted out “it’s a Basenji!!” and I get her surprise. Meeting one in the city is rare but out here in the countryside is very rare.

Today we had a 5km walk, though we didn’t really go all that far. We just ran around in a field, up by the old barn and then back. But we have been zigzagging here and there, back and forth and suddenly that became 5km. She found tracks, she found poop to taste and she has really stretched her legs. There is a huge long-haired cat that lurks around in our neighborhood and twice now we have seen him. First time the cat was very close and Bella was really good, she got a reward for just looking at him and staying calm, then she got rewards for breaking the stare and then I could easily just ask her to walk on. Today was the same and very soon she forgot all about the cat. When we got home though she did go to the farm but when I thought she was about to head up the stairs she went around the back of the house…she was not really done being outside.


This post is probably only interesting to me, but for me it is such a joy to be out on normal walks again. And I don’t have to have Reidar with me. I can just go out! Bella is mostly busy doing her stuff, while I watch her or I just enjoy the surroundings. She is good at checking in and making sure where I am but all she needs is a “good girl” and then she runs on doing her business. She has a lot of these “happy jumps”, where she springs/hops into action as if saying woohooo! I want to remember this feeling of freedom and just relaxing and enjoying being outside. Soon it will be the new normal and I will still enjoy it as I do now but it’s something new and unfamiliar being just me and Bella and getting to know her again. It kind of feels like I have a new dog.

w_dsc9641w_dsc9639Bella making sure I am following her leadw_dsc9585w_dsc9620w_dsc9618w_dsc9573

w_dsc9558w_dsc9566You know it’s going to be good weather when you see the door glowingw_dsc9529



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