Sunny weekend

This weekend has been perfect. We have had long walks in sunny weather, Bella has been so eager, following trails and checking out new places. Yesterday we found a new path going under the railway. We always thought it was a dead-end, but down there we found a little red cottage and we could walk through the woods over to the fields by the stables and then home. A bit tricky getting through the woods as it’s basically just animal trails we followed but it was nice in there. If someone made a bridge by the cottage so we could cross the river we could walk to the town center. Bella found a lot of fresh tracks in the woods and ran around with her nose glued to the ground. The scary thing is to see how close to the railroad deer and moose walk and the fencing is so old it’s just gone under ground some places.


Our house is at the bottom in the circle. The bridge is on the top to the left. Blixland is the stables where Bella is always so eager to go.


I love constructions like this, there is some strange beauty in it. Just a skeleton, though an impressive one.w_dsc9328w_dsc9341w_dsc9351w_dsc9377w_dsc9388w_dsc9399w_dsc9412She wasn’t convinced that the sofa was calling her. She just wanted to stay outside.

Today we took a longer walk. We have been planning to try the paths here for a while. It’s tracks that go up to “Ulvåsen” wich translates to wolfhill, or you can walk beside it towards our neighboring town and further to the next town over. We skipped the wolfhill this time and walked almost to Knapstad our neighboring town and from there into familiar woods where we used to walk a lot with both Bella and Kaktus before we moved. Bella had no time to waste, except when she met a nice lady on a farm that she could smell. She investigated that woman from top to toe! She had so much information stored on her clothes. It’s so charming with Bella on walks like this, she heads off on a path and we ask her if we can rather go another one, she pauses for a short second then turns and runs like a little whirlwind passed us. So eager! All paths are exiting! It was such a nice walk, low sun, crisp air and so tranquil. We now have a lot of nice walks to choose from and still there are so many unexplored areas!

We also brought Kaktus ashes today. Before we left the house we took a little bit of his ashes and put in the cracks between the wall and the floor. Then we went out in the field behind our house and spread the rest there. It felt nice and was the perfect day for it. Bella ran around hunting deer poop and we had our moment and last goodbye. It was something special seeing his ashes in the low sun, just drifting away with the wind. It gave me a visual of the feeling that I already have, that I see his essence in everything. These “rituals” are for us that are left behind, I know that but it feels meaningful and it does help somehow. It also gives me a symbolic release of him, that he is free and in a way not completely gone.

w_dsc9418w_dsc9512w_dsc9422w_dsc9436w_dsc9449w_dsc9456There is no time! There are smells to chase!w_dsc9468w_dsc9475w_dsc9478w_dsc9489w_dsc9503Rural parkingw_dsc9510The little farm cat. w_dsc9511Bella melted a little when we got in and soon fell asleep.


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