We love exploring all of us. Both me and Reidar are originally from here and know the area well. I used to ride all over these parts but a horse is big and just goes where you lead it. At least thats the way it worked. We follow Bella a lot because we want her to explore on her own and it’s a good way for us to know what she likes, what she finds interesting etc. It’s also a lot of fun to go out and not know where you will end up. And she has found several places or paths in the woods that we never knew of. One of the paths lead into a forest and the entrance is hidden at the bottom of a field. If you don’t know it’s there it’s likely you won’t find it. But Bella follows tracks and one day when I was out walking her alone she followed a humans tracks. They seemed fresh and she was so eager. They lead us straight into the hidden entrance and led us far into the forest, following a really nice path all the way. While walking I got a bit desoriented because of the twist and turns, but after a while we came to a field where I recognized the houses. From there we could walk the roads home.


She also loves going to farms!! There is so much to explore on farms and so many cool smells. I made the mistake of walking to a farm close to us where I thought we could pass through it , earlier you could but now it was closed off by by a horse pen so we turned around. But Bella had just gotten a little taste of the place, her curiousity was beaming and every day after that she only wanted to go down there to still her curiosity, but it’s private property so I had to say no. I was not popular and I started to work on the magic word “SORRY”. Whenever I say SORRY, it means we can’t go in that direction and it futile to try. She has a lot of houses and farms that she wants to check out and can’t so for both of us it helps to have a magic word. For her it means that she doesn’t have to get as frustrated, getting her hopes up and keep trying. She is getting the hang of it and she quite quickly turns around and we find something else fun to explore.

But there is one farm that she is able to visit. The road goes through it and it also splits in two. It’s a stable with a lot of horses, big pens outside, a big indoor and outdoor riding arena and a lot of people coming and going. It’s a beautiful place that earlier was about to fall to pieces due to neglect but was bought some years ago and restored. Bella loves going there! But it’s also a bit too much exitement for her sometimes. She is pretty ok with the horses and has gotten well used to them. She is very curious and a little annoyed that she can’t go up and smell them but there is too much eletrical fencing in the way. They also have two cute cats that are quite social but cautious. Both of them try to approach though the  older one turns around when he sees Bella go into a stalk stance. The other one follows us, sneaking around in bushes, on top of fences, behind cars and Bella gets nervous. If there are too many people she also gets a bit nervous. We give her time to look, smell and take things at her pace and if she gets in over her head and there is too much at once then I carry her away. Next time she is just as eager to go back! She is getting a lot bolder and she is good at sniffing the ground or redirecting when she is unsure and of course she gets treats for watching people, horses, wheel barrels etc.


At the top of the hill behind Bella you see the stables.

The closest property is an abandoned lot where the buildings soon will be taken away by nature. It’s a cool place and lots of stuff for her to investigate. And I take pictures 🙂


Today we were just about to go out for a walk but Bella only went as far as the barn before she turned around. She had to go back to check what the guy working in our bathroom was up to! He was out by his car getting stuff, a golden opportunity to check his trunk! She of course checked everyhing he had back there, bags of plaster, tools and other equipment. Wow, so exiting! I just let her walk free and when he went inside to work she followed. What are you doing? What is this? Need any help? Whats in this bucket? She still is our buildings inspector and she’s obviously done a fine job because he has put up the tiles in our shower perfectly. She just gave instructions and then fell asleep trusting him to finish by her standards.

w_dsc9262w_dsc9282Bella trying to decide if she is going home. Windy, wet and cold but hmmm…

w_dsc9291She went home to the fireplace

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