We are moving again

We got a house on a small farm that my friend and her boyfriend owns. The house is the perfect size for us and it’s a really nice and quiet place. We have been to visit with the dogs a couple of times and they really liked the area and seemed very at home both in the house and on the farm. They have checked out every inch of the place and Kaktus even took a swim in one of the fish ponds. Not exactly what he intended. I just suddenly heard a PLOPP sound and saw Kaktus swimming deperately. He smelled very funky after that 😉

There is much to be done in the house. The bathroom will be completely new and the kitchen will be moved and renewed. Walls and built in closets will be taken out. New floors and all this is supposed to be done in a month! Ohh my! But we really look forward to the move. I will probably fence in the garden so the dogs have their very own private space to relax and play. I can also have a room for my photography, where I don’t have to worry about storing away everything when I am done and I can leave bigger projects standing.

People have already been here to see the apartment and all visitors are asked to not pet the dogs as they don’t like hands reaching for them. At least not when it’s the first thing a stranger does. So they have appreciated all that come in here and they have felt really relaxed and comfortable. The move this time I expect will be a lot more smooth for them. They will already know the place we move to and the surrounding area. They already have good experiences there (exept for the fish pond) and Bella will love having my friend so close by. She adores her and gets all wiggily and crying when they meet.


Here we are in the fields by the new house. You see the farm in the backgroundw_dsc8242

Bella is doing good after her surgery. She has healed very nicely and it all passed without any problems. She is like her normal self, curious, a little thief, a proper lapdog and still annoys her brother like she normally does. They are both very happy that the leash laws are over for this season and most days they are off leash. Because of Kaktus and his unreliable mood we are mostly by the barn where they both can run around as they wish. we do some training, we have searches, we go down into the woods and they run and play in the fields. This keeps him a lot more stable since there are no deer or other dogs that can stress him. They also love it there and we are good at giving them lots of variations and different experinces each day.



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