New hope!

It’s been a while since I made a new post and I guess it’s because I have been very tired. We felt very good about our new vet when we moved here, she gave Kaktus new allergy meds and was willing to to do tests that we asked for. The problems came when we still had questions about what was wrong with him and he got worse. Very little was done and very little was tested and we mostly had the same questions we had when we came in.

We took him off Prednisolon and he was put on Atopica wich he seems to have some effect from but he is still itching and some days it gets really bad. He also started to stress more and more. She said last time we were there to do mental testing and she had no clue why he did so well on Prednisolon. I just shrugged my head! To put an already stressed out dog through a mental test that can be stressful for a normal functioning dog and with him that is so unstable will just give random results. He has days where he has perfect on/off switch, his reactions to triggers is brilliant, his impuls control is as it should be and he is happy and responsive to me. But then comes the day where he can’t tolerate any trigger, he can’t let go of stress, he has trouble with commands and he has trouble relaxing at home. And these switches in behaviour seem very random and they came when we took him off prednisolon. So a mental test is basically our vet saying she doesn’t know what to test or is unwilling. We have also said that he seems to be in pain but we don’t know where. Just that he seems stiff at times and that he seems to have trouble with his stomach (no diarrhea).

So we contacted a new vet. We asked for a consultation without Kaktus and we brought a written list of symptoms (both physical and behavioural), nutrition and meds and for an hour+ the new vet listened carefully, asked a lot of questions and she came up with a detailed plan of things she wanted to test. She also said she was surprised of how little had been done to find out or test what the underlying problems could be. She says that the symptoms that we have listed all seem to point to his allergies and that he very likely is in pain. His luxating knee can make him walk differently wich then causes problems in his back and muscles. So she is sending him to a chiropractor and he will be x-rayed. He might also have a lot of problems with his stomach because of his allergies. She suspects food allergy and thats what we have concluded also even though that is not the most common cause. She said it’s likely that Prednisolon made him calmer because he got relief from his allergies and might have fixed inflammations he might have had. She also agreed that his noise sensitivity probably had to do with his allergies. A question no other vet has been willing to answer and something I have found to be very odd. She was very supportive, she listened intently and with curiosity and she is motivated and curious about his case. She said she was very hopeful and she finally gave some hope back to us. I actually cried! It came from nowhere and it was tears of relief. Finally I dare to hope again that he can get the help he so deperately needs.

On friday he has a date with the vet just to say hello and to become familiar with the place. Then on monday he comes in as the first patient so he doesn’t have to deal with other dogs or fresh scents. This in itself we are very thankful for! She also said the mental testing was rubbish and would just be a waste of time when he has so many physical problems that likely effect his behaviour. She will start him on a new allergenic food, take him off his meds, new treats and she will do a blood draw to test for food allergies and other allergies as well. She also suspect that he might have fungal infections. This all feels so different then any other vet we have been to. It’s a whole new perspective and I am sad that this isn’t the rule but the exception.





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