Bella got spayed

Yesterday Bella got spayed! It’s been planned for a long time and it was now 3months since her last heat. I was so worried but we were well prepared and we have made a desicion weighing the pros and cons. I was worried about complications but also if she would get anxious and stressed at the vet.

The day before we made sure she got a lot of exercise, played and had fun and got to use her brain so she wouldn’t have any excess energy contributing to any stress the day of her operation. Reidar packed her blanket that she always sleeps on and he brought an extra sweater so she could have the one he wore when he left. At the vet she found a good friend in the vet assistent. She just followed Bella around and let her investigate every inch of the place. This is brilliant for her! It makes her feel more safe, she has something to do and she gets to feed her curiosity. She was very calm and according to the vet she just fell alseep in her crate when Reidar left. The operation went well and it was only a short while before Reidar came to pick her up that she started to get restless.

Kaktus had a nice day. He slept most of it but had a nice long walk in the woods. He even got to explore a new place, he got a good run and was a happy and content little dog. But when Reidar went to get Bella from the vet he seemed after a while to know she was about to come home. He started sitting by the window waiting and every time a car came he would get very attentive. When they finally came he acted as if she was in full blown heat. I did not expect that and I had to make a confinement area for Bella so she could get her much needed rest. She was in pain, was exhausted and had trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position. Kaktus calmed down some but when Bella moved position and whined a little he would jump up and start stressing. Before bed we took them out to pee seperately and Reidar and Bella slept in the bedroom alone so she could have the whole bed to get comfortable in. Also it was better for Kaktus to be alone with me so he could finally get some undisturbed rest. He finally relaxed and slept like a baby! And so did I!


Today she was a lot better. She has just slept the whole day as expected and doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable at all. She woke up once and was hungry and then just went back to dreamland again. For the morning walk we took them out seperately again and just put Bella back behind bars in the sofa. I didn’t want to risk Kaktus getting stressed again and he just fell asleep on the floor. Now I have removed the confinement and Kaktus just smelled her calmly without getting worked up. The evening walk we will also do seperatley as Bella can’t go for a long walk. She just needs to do her business and Kaktus needs to explore like usual. I will test and see how he is when we get back and if she smells more interesting to him after she has been out. If she doesn’t then I can relax and him too.


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