Morning Bird

At 05:30 in the morning we drive out to a barn for the dogs morning walk. It’s isolated at the end of a bumby road and there we can let them off leash to do whatever they want. This early the powerlines are filled with birds trying to wake up and everything is dead quiet. We do risk seeing deer and moose though as they are often out in this area at this time. They know we humans haven’t started up yet.

Today it was so misty when we drove out that we seemed to be enclosed in a bubble. While we were out we could see the sun gradually breaking up the mist. I love mornings like this and I know how precious they are. It’s not long until the the sun hasn’t even stood up yet at this time and not long until we have to wear our head lights and everything is pitch dark.

The dogs were busy investigating the new smells that had been left since the morning before, while I was lost in my camera documenting a misty morning. This was a fleeting moment that lasted about an hour. Before the sun was too low and after it had broken up most of the mist. It was the perfect time 🙂



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