Clickit Car Harness

Finally I found a car harness that I like for the dogs, Clickit from Sleepypod. The others I have looked at only have one way of fastening the dogs and they are fastened so low that they can get their legs trapped in the seatbelt. They also don’t give much support sideways. A kennel is too big for our car. I am either way not a fan of how they get tossed into the kennel walls in a crash even though they shouldn’t have mush space they can get serious damage depending on how they sit or lie, at the moment of impact. I did consider wrapping the insides with pillows if we ever had a car with enough room for a kennel, but for now our only option is a harness and now that I found one I like I am as happy as can be.


This harness is quite brilliant! And for me that has studied Industrial Design it really makes me happy to see such a well thought out product where they seem to have thought of everything. I love that it has 3 points of attachement and therefore gives great stability to the dog in any direction. For Kaktus who struggles a bit in sharp turns I think this will help be more comfortable. The harness can also be used as a regular harness for a walk wich is an added bonus. I came across it while reading an article in The Bark. The owner had just bought it and the same day or day after she crashed her car into the rear of another, sending her car into a spin and leaving her with broken bones and all bruised up. The dog however was sitting perfectly in the back seat, a bit confused and shaken but without a scratch. Stuff she had in her car had been tossed around all over the place, but the one thing that kept to it’s place was the dog. It walked out of the car like nothing had happened.Β  So this is on it’s way in the mail!

To the dogs:
We have found a new place to walk that is really nice. I am not sure yet how far we can walk but I like that it has big areas with grass fields where the dogs can stretch their legs, run and play. A lot around here is corn fields and our only option there is walking in the tractor tracks or on the gravel road. This place also has a “lost forest” (a forest area that has been chopped down) with a tractor road that goes through it. We are curious to see how far that goes and where it takes us. For now it’s been too hot to explore much. It’s not many places with shade so we have mostly just tested the grass fields and the dogs approve. There are a lot of deer and moose in this area and the first trip here we saw a deer a few meters in front of us that ran into some bushes. Also I doubt there are any others that walk their dogs here so when we need a secluded place without dogs as a trigger we have a nice spot. We always have wildlife as a possible trigger though.

Here we are in the lost forest looking over to the new motor way that is being built.


The lost forestw_DSC5344w_DSC5398w_DSC5307

We let them run and play and we had found a small patch of shade where they could cool down, catch their breath, drink and then start all over again πŸ™‚w_DSC5546w_DSC5528w_DSC5532w_DSC5350w_DSC5547

Bella is annoyed at all the flies! They can get very intense and both are covered in red irritated areas from bites.w_DSC5391Kaktus has to check that everyone is following πŸ™‚w_DSC5304


Kaktus had to test the new highway πŸ™‚w_DSC5645w_DSC5652

On the way back it got very hot and we didn’t have any shade so both collapsed outside the car, though Bella even climbed under it. Next summer we are buying a cooling blanket!




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